Egg Production: How to Ensure Regular Egg Production

egg production

When it comes to egg production picking, collection and packaging of eggs comes with a feeling of great accomplishment to the farmer. It’s a payback period for all the care and labor you’ve accorded your laying hens overtime.

As a result any slight drop in egg production could result to frustration to the farmer. Seeing your birds lay is a very rewarding and exciting experience to the farmer who had been laboring and feeding his birds up to (18 to 22 weeks).

Chickens a source of poultry diseas transmission to humans

Poultry Disease: How Best You Can Protect Yourself

Poultry diseases are a part of every farmers nightmare, protecting yourself and your family from poultry disease that affect humans requires making serious effort on your part to achieve this feat.

People are now looking for alternative source of livelihood and additional source of income to meet their needs and that of their families.